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Working with INVITRO

INVITRO is the largest private employer in the country’s medical services market with over 10 000 employees in six countries of operation.

INVITRO conducts responsible policy towards its employees, not only strictly adhering to all labor law norms but constantly improving working conditions, maintaining decent pay levels, providing training, and creating a positive, friendly environment at work.

Constant development of staff

INVITRO employs highly qualified specialists, the company takes care that knowledge and professional skills of staff are constantly improved. INVITRO has individual and corporate training programs, employees’ personal growth, managerial skills. For over 10 years, INVITRO runs Higher Medical School, giving training to all medical offices’ employees – both own and franchised. The school participates in recurring medical education system, too.

INVITRO, being a major employer for junior and medium medical personnel, continuously puts effort into increasing nursing professional prestige. The company’s HR policy is based on Quality Policy.

Vitalina Levashova interview
In an interview for our magazine, Vitalina Levashova, Deputy General Director talks about when and why employees are considered internal clients, for whom traffic lights are always green and how INVITRO intends to enrich its main capital – the human.

«Employee is our internal client»

Deputy General Director Vitalina Levashova
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  • Work of the Year 2009 nominee;
  • Amid 5 Top in RBC ranking Largest Employers in Moscow;
  • HR Brand award nominee since 2011, winner in 2013 and 2014;
  • Crystal Pyramid Award nominee since 2012 (Human capital management achievements), special Diploma holder “For High Social Importance Project” 2013, 2nd place in Corporate Culture nomination 2014, Vitalina Levashova, Deputy General Director, named HR Director of the Year.Хрустальная пирамида_laureat 2014-01.jpgbest_employer2008_big.gif