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Technological Policy

In every country and region of operation the company works along the same technological principles and strives to render laboratory diagnostics and medical services of the highest quality.

On compliance with effective legislation on the movement of biological materials and personal data protection in INVITRO

INVITRO always pays close attention towards compliance with effective legislation requirements as regards extraction, transportation, storage and utilization of biological materials, as well as storage of patients’ personal data. Practically it means that INVITRO undertakes a series of measures in biological and information safety besides just complying to legislation. These measures provide full control over the whole chain of biological materials processing, from extraction to utilization, as well as control of secure storage and access to personal data as per Federal Law No. 153 requirements.

All biological material collected in INVITRO medical offices in Russia is delivered to laboratory complexes exclusively on the territory of Russia. After necessary tests are utilized within laboratory complexes in strict compliance to Sanitary Norms & Rules
All laboratory tests in INVITRO are carried out on high-tech equipment – latest generation automatic test systems, which totally excludes errors and guarantees quick and accurate results. Running laboratory tests on modern automatic analyzers allows high reproducibility and quality of results. You can see the list of laboratory equipment here.

Before each new test is introduced, we run a strictly regulated validation process (method analytic data check-up, reference values, pre-analytic conditions). In 2011, we created our own bank of biological materials required for validation when new technologies are introduced.

From the moment of extraction to final results, biological materials go through a complicated procedure of many stages. It is only accuracy at each stage allows the provision of super-exact and reliable results of INVITRO. We call these stages Test Tube Travels – you can see more details here.

In 2016, INVITRO Moscow laboratory was the first in Europe to undergo Six Sigma verification program by Westgard QC. This program not only controls the quality of tests but also allows assessment of quality control measures system. Six Sigma verification is built upon requirements of CAP, CLEA, and biological variation.

Now it is confirmed that INVITRO quality control system matches the level of the world’s best laboratories.

In its technological policy, INVITRO employs standardization and business scaling. This allows us to organize the operation of INVITRO offices along the same technological principles everywhere. We aim for centralized decision making and availability of chosen technologies in every region of operation. This approach is advantageous for our relations with equipment suppliers as it ensures choice transparency.

No less important is the INVITRO strategy to reagents and laboratory research materials suppliers. The company welcomes suppliers capable of manufacturing products with storage potential and guaranteed on-demand deliveries.

Improvement of applied technologies is carried out in compliance with the company’s general procedure of changes introduced with risk and economical effect assessment by all parties concerned. Many technologies applied in INVITRO are innovational for Russia.

INVITRO regularly monitors current markets and employs the best technologies from Russia and abroad.

INVITRO holds in high estimate its long-term partnership with the leading global and Russian manufacturers of modern medical and laboratory equipment, reagents, materials, etc. INVITRO has among its partners such as leading companies as Abbott, Roche, Sysmex, Vector-Best, and others.