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"Laboratornaya rabota" - INVITRO brand media

Dear friends and colleagues!
We all work hard on building our future every day, be it for ourselves, our family, or our business. No matter what it is, everyone’s attitude towards the future is different. Some are afraid of the future. Not only because “uncertain the future is,” as Master Yoda said in Star Wars, future brings changes, it demands leaving our comfort zone and making an effort. A person desires a balanced, stable life in a familiar environment, with one's favorite armchair and time-tested devices. If all is well, who needs changes?

Some regard the future in a too enthusiastic way, placing hopes with it, hastening it, and thus missing a lot of today and now. For such people, the future is an ideal solution for today’s problems.

In INVITRO we have long developed our own attitude towards the future. To paraphrase Turgenev, for us, the future is not a temple, but a workshop. We do not await the future, we are not afraid of the future, we build it. We are at the peak of technological progress and sometimes ahead of it, we implement the most modern scientific knowledge, putting it at the service of our patients. We build a modern company, where organization models and human relations are also sprouts of the future.

We in INVITRO build the future ourselves because the present gets old quicker and quicker. Skills and technologies get old, as well as professions and types of relationships in a society. Knowledge gets obsolete. We build our future ourselves because we want to live in a world we like. Although for us building the future means not changing the world only, but also ourselves, always studying and striving to know more.

Our Brand Media – "Laboratornaya Rabota" (Laboratory Work) – moves ahead as well. Just in one year, it made a significant and important step, turning into a full-scale magazine from the company’s newspaper. We still go further. You hold the new issue in your hands and it became much thicker and fuller with a reference section in the end. But this is not the most important. On the pages of our magazine we start an interesting and serious talk about the future. A person will be at the center of our attention in regards to their life, health, environment, and quality of life. We encourage discussions on how our world may change in the future and how these changes will influence all of us – patients and healthcare practitioners.

We invite interesting participants to join us, mostly from the medical world, but not only. Medicine and discussions about what it should be like cannot fail to interest well-known people from other spheres and we’ll give floor to them. Developing the future of medicine, we do it for everyone because our aim is to help people be healthy, merry, strong, and live longer. This is an ambitious task, just like many tasks that INVITRO is up to.

Sincerely yours,
Alexander Ostrovsky, INVITRO CEO and Founder
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